Bottle tree made with individual stakes. Home Depot sells rebar in 2' 4' and 10' lengths for $1.60 - 5.20. Lowes carries multiple lengths.

Talking to Plants: Funky Garden Art

Bottle Trees were sometimes placed near the entrance to the house, so the spirits did not enter the house with you. The spirits would become mesmerized by the play of the sunlight through the colors of the glass, and become trapped inside the bottles. The bottles were periodically corked and thrown into the river to wash away the unwanted spirits. In another variation of this theme, the spirits are also trapped in the bottles, but are said to be destroyed when the sun comes out the next morn...

Bottle Tree Creations by Jerry Swanson

Create an explosion of blue faux-flowers with glass bottles. "A quick look at the flea market and you'll likely find cobalt blue bottles of various sizes and shapes," Yoest says. Push several lengths of rebar into your garden bed, top them with overturned bottles, and you have a wonderful garden focal point. Plant the area with red and white annuals. You can also "pick" a few bottle flowers when entertaining. "Arranged in groups of odd numbers, they can become candleholders and vases or even...

Red, White, and Blue Outdoor Decor

DIY Project • How to Build a Backyard Fire Pit!

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Fall Urn, Planter, by Serendipity Refined

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Brightly colored annual flowers spring and summer urn by Serendipity Refined

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Rejuvenating solar garden lights — with nail polish!

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Building a fire pit - outdoors, woods, nature, relaxing.

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Building a fire pit - outdoors, woods, nature, relaxing.

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Tête-à-Tête™ | Charlotte Moss

Hydrangeas, Camillias and Roses Love Used Coffee grounds -

Hydrangeas, Camillias and Roses Love Used Coffee grounds - The Gardening Cook

How to make a fire pit and SO many other neat outdoor ideas!! Keep looking at this link for ideas.

Spring Time Garden And Back Yard Ideas - 25 Pics

Enjoy Those Summer Evenings with a Fire Pit You Can Build Yourself

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13 Awesome Outdoor Bench Projects, Ideas Tutorials!

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toad abode -an other pinner says.. you can make your own w/a broken pot, and they WORK... mine always have toads in them!

Cover for amphibians | Our Habitat Garden's almost the 4th of July, but it's still not too late to plant zinnias from seed. They grow fast and will give you at least 2 months of color in the garden.(click on the picture for more information)

Zinnias Are So EZ

"DIY watering globe! Holds so much more water than the aqua globes works even better!"

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Alternative Gardening: The benefits of WOOD ASH in the garden

Alternative Gardning: The benefits of WOOD ASH in the garden

I did this. My suggestion would be to add cardboard or something up the sides to hold water. My garden did SO WELL, but it dried out easily. Also, in the individual holes, I planted herbs, green peppers and zucchini. They did excellent also!! - Garden Ideas

Raised Bed Garden Designs

wine barrel garden - tall salvia, yellow rudbeckia & climbing petunias trail out of the barrel.

The Gilded Bloom: Summer Container Gardening

Veggie Garden Update « Perennial Garden Lover. Pole beans planter

Veggie Garden Update

Flowers planted into the seat of a vintage chair.The combination of hot summery red and orange flowers with the bright emerald green chair is fab

Teeny Tiny Gardening + Interview | Design*Sponge

2 posts and a wooden pallet for an easy, interesting looking fence!

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Hazel MacKenzie Mason

Purple smoke bush is often used as a garden specimen due to the purple-pink plumes and the purple leaves on some cultivars. It is highly drought tolerant. Common Names: Purple smoke bush, smokebush, smoketree, purple smoke tree. Zones 4-9. Size & Shape: Purple smoke bush grows to a size of 12-15' tall and wide. It is irregular to rounded. Exposure: Grow purple smoke bush in full sun.

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Scleranthus Biflorus or Australian Astroturf. Looks like moss, but it's drought tolerant, can handle sun and heat.

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