labeled beauty supplies

Free Printable Storage Labels

Perfect idea since I confiscate ALL nail polish in my house! Storage for girl things such as lip gloss, hair things, and nail polish. Place the jars on a tray to keep them together

Natural beauty supplies!

Natural Beauty Recipes

Natural kitchen beauty tips recipes - Face Washes, Masks, Hair Conditioner, Sugar Scrub, Oil Cleansing

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Choose the Right Clay Some clays are gentle skin purifiers that do not absorb oil, making them good for dry or sensitive complexions. Others are deep cleansers that pull oil and toxins from the skin,

Summer beauty tips

Fast Fixes for Summer Beauty Emergencies

Are you embarrassed to attend social events because you are suffering from bad armpit odor? Having smelly armpits is nothing to be ashamed of anymore. You have to own up and start finding solutions to do away with armpit odors once and for all.

Organize your beauty supplies

10 Easy Ways to Eliminate Your Beauty Junk Drawer

Try stashing your cache of hairbrushes or your extensive lip gloss collection in a container traditionally used for flowers

Peacock from beauty supplies

Gorgeous Peacock Sculpture made with BEAUTY PRODUCTS - Laurel Roth builds peacock sculptures using fake fingernails, barrettes, nail polish, false eyelashes, and jewelry.

declutter beauty supplies! diy-ideas beauty

7 ways to declutter your beauty closet - love the wooden necklace organizer and coffee bean brush holder ideas!

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