Albert Einstein

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving" - Albert Einstein. “I thought of that while riding my bicycle” – Einstein on Relativity

Self Portrait by Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo Di Vinci was born in 1452 and died in He was a supreme Renaissance painter, scientist, inventor, and polymath. One of his major accomplishments was that he created the Mono Lisa.

H.G.WELLS (Herbert George Wells, 1866-1946) English writer. Should have been made a fellow at the Royal Society imho.

WELLS (Herbert George Wells, English writer, largely known for his works of science fiction. Fiction: The Time Machine The Invisible Man The Island of Doctor Moreau The War of the Worlds The First Men in the Moon The Shape of Things to Com

Aristotle, philosopher, teacher of Alexander the Great, (384-332 BCE). Roman marble copy of a Greek bronze.  Museo Nazionale Romano, Rome, Italy

Aristotle, philosopher, teacher of Alexander the Great, BCE). Roman marble copy of a Greek bronze.

Alan Turing

outofficial: Alan Turing’s Personal Letters Reveal His Inner Turmoil. Newly released handwritten letters sent by Alan Turing after his conviction for ‘gross indecency’ reveal his candid thoughts about his sexuality.

Lev Tolstoy in 1856, daguerreotype by Sergei Lvovich Levitsky, digitally enhanced by

Leo Tolstoy 1856 by Sergei Lvovich Levitsky

Martin Luther King Jr.

Civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. sits in a jail cell at the Jefferson County Courthouse in Birmingham, Alabama. (Perfect example of a true leader! No matter what life may throw at you, you keep moving forward and make your dreams come true)

Michael Faraday, (1791 – 1867) English chemist and physicist, by S.W. Stancase

Michael Faraday – English chemist and physicist, his inventions formed the foundation of electric motor technology, and it was largely due to his efforts that electricity became viable for use in technology.

Artist unknown, The Cobbe Portrait of William Shakespeare, ca. 1610

uncertaintimes: “ Artist unknown, The Cobbe Portrait of William Shakespeare, ca. 1610 The Changing Face of William Shakespeare In when the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in Stratford-upon-Avon unveiled a previously unknown portrait painting with.

James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) The Scots mathematician and physicist James Clerk Maxwell discovered electromagnetism. He showed that electric and magnetic fields travel through space in waves at the speed of light.

James Clerk Maxwell, 13 June 1831 – 5 November was a Scottish physicist and mathematician. His most prominent achievement was formulating classical electromagnetic theory. Maxwell is also known for presenting the first durable colour photograph in

Sir John Herschel, 1867. Photo by Julia Margaret Cameron (British, 1815–1879)

Sir John Herschel was an English mathematician, astronomer, chemist, and experimental photographer/inventor, who in some years also did valuable botanical work. (This photo was taken by Julia Margaret Cameron in

John Stuart Mill (1806-1873), British philosopher and economist

John Stuart Mill: John Stuart Mill, English philosopher, economist, and exponent of Utilitarianism. He was prominent as a publicist in the reforming age of the century, and remains of

Rene Descartes.

"It is not enough to have a good mind. The main thing is to use it well." René Descartes, Discourse on the Method. / "I think, therefore I am." René Descartes, Discourse on the Method.

Francis Bacon (1561—1626), British author, philosopher and statesman

Francis Bacon (English Philosopher Statesman Scientist Lawyer) He determined the…

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, inventor, physicist, and electro-mechanical engineer, who held several instrumental patents in the Westinghouse AC system.