The only preserved photograph of Lincoln in death. Taken 24 April 1865, by Jeremiah Gurney, Jr., City Hall, Manhattan, NY. Ver:

The only known photograph of Lincoln lying in state in City Hall, Manhattan. Taken April 1865 by Jeremiah Gurney.

Wyatt Earp on his 75th birthday

Wyatt at home on August at age The last surviving Earp brother and the last surviving participant of the Gunfight at the O. Corral, Wyatt Earp died at home in the Earps' small apartment at 4004 W Street, in Los Angeles, on January 1929 at the age of

Vietnam War Zippo lighter

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datarep: Israeli versus Palestinian lands, 1917-2006 Read More

The Israeli–Palestinian conflict has formed the core part of the wider Arab–Israeli conflict. It has widely been referred to as the world's "most intractable conflict".

Fayum mummy portrait100CE - 300CE Fayum / Romano-Egyptian / Roman / EncausticMore Pins Like This At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest

Les portraits du Fayoum (Egypte)~ she lived and died 2000 years ago, and was no different from us.

Figure 1.--The FSA-SPS caption read, "Mother and baby of family of nine living in field on U.S. Route 70 near the Tennessee River." The photograph was taken in Msrch 1936. Source: Carl Mydans, Farm Security Administration.

Mother and nine children living in a field on U. Route 70 near the Tennessee River during the Depression - Photo by Carl Mydans for the Farm Security Administration Her skirt seems to be a feed sack.

Harry S. Truman in his uniform as a First Lieutenant in the United States Army, Battery D, 129th Field Artillery, 35th Division, September 1917.

Veterans Day Spotlight: Harry S. Truman Harry Truman’s aspirations for a military career began back in high school, where he had hopes of attending West Point or Annapolis upon graduation in

Rutherford B. Hayes - 19th President of the United States, and wife Lucy on their wedding day, December 30, 1852.

1852 daguerreotype wedding portrait of US President Rutherford B Hayes and his bride, future First Lady Lucy Webb taken in Fremont, Ohio

Loran age 2

+~+~ Vintage Photograph ~+~+ Boy on porch. Looks like he has more worries than most adults these days. Child labor and responsibilities in those days.

Farm Life During the Great Depression

by Margaret Bourke-White varietas: “ Margaret Bourke-White: Poor Southern children in a rundown shack.

Ibo soldier carrying wounded comrade, civil war, Biafra, Nigeria, April 1968 © Don McCullin

Biafra: The Nigerian Civil War In Pictures (Warning Disturbing Images) - Violent/Disgusting Non-Celebrity Crimes - Nairaland