Sichngu Oxate Lakota

+~+~ Antique Photograph ~+~+ Native American Indian girl ~ Katie Roubideaux, Rosebud Sioux, Did I tell anyone that I love Native American:) lol

Close up of Quanah Parker (~1845-1911), the Last Comanche chief. Quanah's 2nd wife in 1872 was Weakeah, daughter of Penateka Comanche subchief Yellow Bear (aka Old Bear). Although first espoused to another warrior, she and Quanah eloped, and took several other warriors with them. It was from this small group that the large Quahadi band would form. Yellow Bear pursued the band and eventually Quanah made peace with him. The two bands united, forming the largest force of Comanche Indians…

Quanah Parker, the last Comanche chief, son of a Comanche brave and a kidnapped white girl named Cynthia Ann Parker, taken at age 9 from Fort Parker in Mexia, Texas. The fort still stands and can be toured today.

Cheyenne Dog Soldier...The uniform of the society consisted of a bonnet covered with upright feathers of birds of prey, a whistle suspended from a thong round the neck and made of the wing bone of an eagle, leggings, breechclout, and moccasins. The belt was made of four skunk skins. The Dog Soldiers carried a bow and arrows and a rattle shaped like a snake was used to accompany their songs.

James Bama - Cheyenne Dog Soldier - Search Gallery One for Native Americans limited edition prints, giclee canvases and original paintings by internationally-known artists

Whirlwind - Cayuse 1900 His face seems to express so much.

Cayuse man known as Whirlwind photographed by Lee Moorhouse. (digital database of photographs of Pacific NW Native Americans)

Tȟatȟáŋka Íyotake , Sitting Bull, Lakota

An incredible photo of Sitting Bull. His name on this photograph is signed by Sitting Bull himself. This photo was also used as a cover for a book titled "Sitting Bull" by Bill Yenne. Such a strong face.

Native American woman with child at train station circa 1930

Photo. 1929. Native American Indian Squaw & Papoose At Railway Station

Nez Perce boy, Colville Indian Reservation, Washington, ca. 1903.

Nez Perce boy, Colville Indian Reservation, Washington, ca. :: American Indians of the Pacific Northwest -- Image Portion

Ni-Ka-Gohe (aka Leader) - Omaha – 1900

Ni-Ka-Gohe (aka Leader), a man of the Omaha Tribe, No additional information.