Masriati Girsang

Masriati Girsang

Masriati Girsang
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Steak Dinner For Two

Steak Dinner For Two *minus salad croutons as find more keto friendly veggie for gratin, or leave it out all together

Black pleated maxi skirt, grey sweater, blue shirt, and sneaker

Black maxi skirt, mix and match

Grey maxi skirt, grey sweater, and yellow shawl

Grey maxi skirt, mix and match

Red pleated maxi skirt, pink shirt, and black bolero

Pleated burgundy/ maroon maxi skirt with lining Very pretty maxi skirt with elastic band. No size listed but would fit a medium/large. It's a rich wine/maroon/Bordeaux color.

Chevy Bolt

General Motors Boasts Prototype of Chevrolet Bolt, Will Launch Earlier than Tesla Model 3