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India  ·  Welcome to Four Fountains De-Stress Spa – India’s largest chain of affordable day spas.Our mission is to create a stress-free and healthy India.
Four Fountains Spa
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The video will explain how massage therapies are beneficial to treat your health conditions. Research reveled that regular massage can naturally increase the immune system's by improving blood and oxygen circulation in your body as well it helps to detox your body.

The Royal train offers the luxury spa services on board. This lifestyle spa will provide wellness and relaxation solutions with personal care products for skin, hair and body.

Finding the stressor is the first step towards stress management. However, many times we fail to identify the real cause that leads to work-related stress.

7 Workplace Stressors That Are Secretly Impairing Your Health

Massage in Bangalore is a proven and effective therapy that relaxes muscles and reduces stiffness. Swedish massage in Bangalore can give you relief from back pain for as long as 15 weeks.

It might sound strange applying oil to your face, but the using right non greasy blends will leave your skin feeling soft and nourished.

Thai massage in Hyderabad relieves tension built in the muscles by using yoga-like stretching moves that has a relaxing effect. Thai massage in Hyderabad is known to show multitude of health benefits. An improvement in blood circulation and therefore boosting energy is one of the major effects of the Thai Massage in Hyderabad.

Myofasical release are self-massage techniques designed to help promote better health and muscle function. The myofascia is a network of tissue that covers the whole of our bodies, wrapping around our muscles and organs and helps keep everything in place.

3 Herbal Skin Whitening Treatments For Glowing Skin

These simple skin whitening treatments can hep with hyper-pigmentation, brown spots and dark patches.

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Anti Aging

Natural Anti Ageing Therapies: Why Should You prefer them?

Pain problems

An aching back can limit you from driving long distances, knee pain does not let you run for long, neck pain cannot let you carry heavy bags and so on. Be it mild or chronic, feeling of pain is extremely unpleasant.