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KNOW GOD, KNOW YOURSELF, Then come find me.

Someone posted a whisper in the group Dear Future Husband/Wife, which reads "Dear future husband, Find God. Find yourself Then come,Find me.

Like I have said in many other chain mails, I don't repost this because it tells me to, I repost it so the world knows that I put God first.

I didn't repost for the "watch what happens" i did it because i love god.

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Let me just put your opinion with the others. In the garbage.

Definitely need this

Well I guess this guy didn't repost in 5 seconds cuz his grammar ain't got good luck


Why threaten me with 40 days and 12 nights? It's a turtle eating mashed potatoes. I'm reposting that anyways

"Middle school couples" even though I'm in highschool. Lol

"Middle school couples" even though I'm in highschool. Lol ----------- "Middle School Couples" Why am I even

Not taking any chances✋

That coin thing looks cool! I almost don't want to post this though, because then I look like I've fallen to the 'repost' thing. But no, I just want to show you this coin thing.