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Lifestyle of Chicken

Funny pictures about Chicken's Lifestyle. Oh, and cool pics about Chicken's Lifestyle. Also, Chicken's Lifestyle photos.

When you can't find a road...make your own!! Done it!

This image using visual metaphor in it to show it meaning. The road on the grass is covered by people. This show all the way is make by people. Human using their power and idea to creative the new things. It is very interesting idea to show it.

funny fruit pictures

strawberry short cake snake, i would be scared to eat it! im terrified of snakes! Tanna White - this would be good for the kids!

One of my favorite restaurant signs ever! #funny #english #signs

We love kids, but please keep your at your table! Unattended kids will be given a shot of espresso and a free puppy.

Seriously!? People need a warning?! #funny #english #signs

Strange and Funny Warning Signs, Cool Pictures, Strange and Funny Warning Signs