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Odile - Artwork by Hodaya Louis

Wow. Lovely stitching on that birdsong!..

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Gilded. Oil on Canvas, 10 ft by 7 ft. 2015. Artist: Hodaya Louis This artwork is based on a fashion photograph by Bojana Tatarska.

Miracles can appear out of thin air anytime. Another reason to remember to: B R E A T H E F U L L Y often :) #mynakedguru

Healing Spirit: The Jenn Royster Show - Explores a metaphysical approach into the energetic cause and effect we experience through our physical body.

The Soul Star Chakra: The Jenn Royster Show - Your Host Dr Jenn Royster shares her expertise about The Soul Star Chakra.

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Discover Your Intuitive Style: The Jenn Royster Show - Your host Dr Jenn Royster discusses the 4 most common styles of intuition. clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance.

A Message of Love: The Jenn Royster Show - Your host Dr Jenn Royster discusses the topic of Love. An in depth exploration into the meaning of True Love and delivering a special angel message she received for everyone.

Dr Jenn Royster Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer, Radio HostListen to FREE web event Feb 3, 2015. Dr Jenn will Guest on Go Beyond Global Interviews with Hosts Karen King and Salma Fomradas Tuesday Feb 3, 2015 9pm Eastern! The event is FREE but you need to register. To Register and join us tomorrow. See post for details and full event schedule.

Angels Bring Hope for 2015: The Jenn Royster Show - This week your host Dr Jenn Royster is back with her annual Intuitive Angel Messages for 2015.

Miracles, Seeing is Believing or Is It? The Jenn Royster Show: Host Dr Jenn Royster explores miracles, illusions and reality. Are we really seeing the truth of reality or is it an illusion, a barrier, a belief that we can choose to shift?

A list of quotes by teens designed to encourage other teens through the challenges of life. The website as a whole has a treasure of quotes and inspirational stories for many problems and general encouragement.

Gratitude-for-Spiritual-Awakening by Dr Jenn Royster

The Gratitude and Healing Connection - Thurs Nov 20th on The Jenn Royster Show. Join us for a global healing meditation to uplift humanity.

Beauty illustration by Hodaya Louis

Beauty illustration with make up, by Hodaya Louis

Beauty Illustration, watercolor and oil pastels by Hodaya Louis

White Wolf and Archangel Ariel: A Message of Courage to Choose - Channeled 10/29/2014 by Dr Jenn Roysterfor November 2014 - Animal spirit guide White Wolf came to me in a vision... As there is much MORE to see in the dark than meets the eye for all of us! As Spirit delivers these insights to me, my job is to deliver them to you!

1 Corinthians 16:14

Dreams, Visions and Messages from Spirit: The Jenn Royster Show