15 life hacks from life hackable!

15 life hacks from life hackable! If you're at a hotel that uses a Nokia TV system, enter arrow and hold 'ok' on the remote to access free movies.

This is too true!

I set my clock ahead to prevent being late. All it really does is sharpen my subtraction skills. ~ My alarm clock.


This is just beautiful…

awwww, i have never felt so sad for fire and water until now :,(

the best things in the world <3  1.cold Chinese food   2. Girls night in  3. Singing in the car all by yourself  4. Coming home to a happy dog  5. Napping under an umbrella at the beach  6. Laughing so hard you cry  7. The feeling you get when you give a really good gift  8. Lazy Sundays  9. Returning home after a long t rip  10. Conquering a fear

Soul Saver: The Best Things in the World

Not too crazy about the cold Chinese food but I guess don't knock it until you try it. Bucket list: nap on the beach under an umbrella.


I'm pretty sure you don't know what you're talking about. But please, continue. this reminds me of the customers i have to deal with at work.

Cat Paw

This changes everything completely…

Kitty cat paw with a smiley face, looks like a cute teddy bear. "I will never look at my cats paws the same.

I love when celebrities are fanboys.

Get your facts straight, CNN…

Funny pictures about Seriously CNN? Get Your Facts Straight. Oh, and cool pics about Seriously CNN? Get Your Facts Straight. Also, Seriously CNN? Get Your Facts Straight photos.

Stoned and Painting a Rock

This is 100% true.

Farewell letter from

boogey man attack- So true, i continue to do this to this day and i add in keeping all appendages inside the blankets as well.no one is safe anymore!

You can't repeat the past.

You can't repeat the past.

Ahhh...that 70's show!!

Pinning this because it looks like a Big Bang parody.Kutcher as Sheldon, the Indian guy as Raj with some girl, the guy with glasses as Leonard, and Eric as Howard lol