Cozy Living Area: The living area is a seamless blend of rustic and refined. Because the house is used year-round, Netto chose more-luxurious fabrics and furniture than usual for a beach getaway. The sofa is covered in a Chelsea Editions embroidered flor

Chic gray office with charcoal gray walls, black colonial office desk, upholstered wing back desk chair, crystal chandelier, black damask drapes panels and white black patterned rug! Gray office. Gray paint wall color. black gray white gold turquoise blue

Don’t you just love how a huge statement piece can make such a… well, statement, in a room? Sometimes I tend to collect lots of little unique items that I love, but when you put them all together it can start to look junky and...

The Rise of the Backyard Office

Hey, that's not how you build a log cabin! Piet Hein Eek designed this recording studio for musician friend Hans Liberg. The log facade just covers a plastic and steel frame and has wheels so it can be hitched to an automobile for relocation.

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