Mateus Carvalho

Mateus Carvalho

Mateus Carvalho
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New art by Shunya Yamashita

Sophie comission by ~AlexPascenko on deviantART

Sophie comission by ~AlexPascenko on deviantART character concept art

field doctor female by on @deviantART

field doctor female by AlexPascenko on deviantART


Paladin - and yet . Reinhardt Schneider by *AlexPascenko on deviantART

Chicano by Jacob Ditchmen

Combines two of my favorite things - Day of the Dead and Street Art( bad ass drawing)

Female Agent STOCK by PhelanDavion on deviantART

Please respect my Stock Rules [link] & have fun. The model is: Kayla J. Davion It`s a great pleasure for me to see you working with it. Feel free to.

Heyyy, wassup? I'm Kori, Mikasas freind. I'm 17 and i came here because Mikasa…

Image d'anime avec real life stayblack kopianget single tall image short hair looking at viewer highres black hair smile simple background white fringe red hair ahoge lips collarbone grey eyes hair over one eye from above

Girl and katana. #katana #kendo #samurai

Beautiful Asian Girl and Katana, Samurai

This Photo would make an Excellent Reference Drawing.

speak softly and carry a big stick

Figma - Figma Archetype Next : He - Flesh color ver. (Max Factory)

Figma - Figma Archetype Next : He - Flesh color ver. action figures that fit any pose.