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Male pink throated twinspot - Africa - seriously, what a great color palette - blush rose, caramel, black with white or cream polka dots. and that dark brownish gray for a background.

Kinkajou, The funny one

The Kinkajou (aka the 'honey bear' - a name it shares with the sun bear) is a rainforest mammal related to olingos, coatis and raccoons. Native to Central and South America, this arboreal mammal is not an endangered species.

Trying to get the monkey off my back

Endangered golden-headed lion tamarin babies and their mother. Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin "Severely endangered because of habitat loss and illegal capture. There are only about 200 golden-headed lion tamarins in the wild.

Beauty How To: Bling It On Emerald courtesy of #NailsInc. #Sephora #SephoraNailspotting #NailArt

Beauty How To: Bling It On Emerald courtesy of *Obviously you can buy your own glitter & use any polish you want too* I like how these look even though I'm a blue, blue/green, deep turquoise kind of person.