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3D Shape Worksheets

Nets Worksheets Printable - Match the nets sheet 3

Nets of 3d shapes worksheets - Match the Nets sheet 2

Nets Worksheets - Match the Nets Sheet 1. Match nets to correct 3d shape

Math Nets worksheets - Find the nets sheet 3. Identify nets of platonic solids

Geometric nets worksheets - Find the nets sheet 2. Identify correct net for a 3d shape

Geometry Nets Worksheets - Find the nets sheet 1. Select the correct net for a 3d shape.

3d Shape Properties Sheet 5, printable worksheet 3d shapes

3d Shape Properties Sheet 4, printable 3d shape worksheets

3d Shape Properties Sheet 3, 3d shape worksheets

3D Shape Worksheets Sally Salamander

Identify Simple 3D Shapes, 1st grade geometry worksheets

Identify Spheres and Cubes, 3d shape worksheet for first graders

Identify Spheres and Cubes, 1st grade geometry

Identify 3D Shapes, printable geometry worksheets for 2nd graders

Identify 3d Shapes, second grade geometry

3D Shape properties, a printable 3d geometry worksheet to identify properties of 3d shapes

3D Shape properties, a 3d geometry worksheet for 3rd grade

Triangular Prism net, a printable net for a triangular prism

Dodecahedron net, printable net for dodecahedron

Octahedron net, printable net for octahedron

Square Based Pyramid Net, 3 d shapes net