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Year 12 HSC General 2 Maths Video List

Year 12 HSC General 2 Maths Video List

Algebra Bar Method

Provides a visual representation, using the bar method, to help children see how to solve simple algebraic equations.

Mathematics General Playlist - WooTube

A playlist of the Mathematics General course by WooTube.

The mathematics of sidewalk illusions - Fumiko Futamura

About anamorphosis — a special case of perspective art where artists represent views on surfaces. Fumiko Futamura traces the history and mathematics of perspective.

Frog Jumping - Numberphile

Solve the puzzle of the jumping frogs partying on a lilly pad.

383 is cool

Matt Parker on 383 and Woodall Primes.

Bruce gain - heights and weights of on-screen Batmen

Ben Affleck looks like a giant, is there a problem with this graph? [source] Here is a fixed version.

The Map of Mathematics

The entire field of mathematics summarised in a single map! This shows how pure mathematics and applied mathematics relate to each other and all of the sub-topics.

The Four 4s - Numberphile

The four problem all the way up to infinity.

Measuring the Berlin TV Tower with a ruler

Matt Parker trys to calculate how tall the Berlin TV Tower is using a ruler. Could you try a similar experiment using a tall object at school?

Wheel Decide - Roulette Wheel

This site allows you to make a spinner and customise with number or words. The one I have made was for Year 12 General 1 Roulette for Probability.

Algebra - Balancing Scale

A visual representation to help students understand the solution to solving two-step equations. The need to keep equations balanced is demonstrated with balanacing scales.

Mobile Numbers: Products of Twin Primes

Katie Steckles investigates a property of twin primes using the spreadsheet on her phone. This might be an interesting extension activity for a class investigating prime numbers.

Why Are Cicadas So Good At Math?

Do periodical cicadas "know" how to calculate prime numbers? One of the strangest life cycles in all of biology, explained!