The world and the Mathematics - El mundo y las Matemáticas - El món i les Matemàtiques

Good mathematical stories. Buenas historias matemáticas. Bones históries matemàtiques.
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the top ten fabulously free math apps for the ipad, including games and puzzles
Fourteen Fabulously Free Math Apps With An iPad Giveaway!
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an abstract black and white circular design with wavy lines in the shape of a circle
By Ghee Beom Kim / Sacred Geometry <3
a cross stitch christmas tree is shown in green
A pixelized christmas tree made via Microsoft Excel vba If Sin(Cos((y / 2) ^ 2 - (x - 50) ^ 2)) * y / 2 > Cos(Sin((x - 50) ^ 2 - (y / 2) ^ 2)) Then Condition = TRUE (x=col nr, y=row nr; if condition = TRUE, cell is colored in green)
different types of weavings are shown in this diagram
hexagonal weave =mad weave twined = taaniko, New Zealand weaving cycloid…
an image of a book that is made out of fabric and has colorful squares on it
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two different views of an open notebook with colorful designs on the front and back cover
Libretas de Listones -
an origami box with stickers on it sitting on top of a table
origami - action origami - double star flexicube (David Brill) - tutorial - dutchpapergirl
super casse-tête tout en origami
an art piece is displayed in a white frame with red, green and blue lines
Cuadrados diferentes en un geoplano
Cuadrados diferentes en un geoplano
a black pillow with the word fibonacci in multicolored circles on it
Fibonacci spiral Throw Pillow by Herminio Lopez
star wars math worksheet for kids to practice addition and subtraction skills
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
an image of a multicolored painting in a wooden frame
El tangram… orientación en el espacio
a group of t - shirts with different colors on them
an image of two hearts made out of rocks and candy in front of the mountains
Bones Pasques/Felices Pacuas/Fröhliche Ostern
Araceli Giménez: Bones Pasques/Felices Pacuas/Fröhliche Ostern
a statue of a woman sitting on top of a stone slab with her hands in her lap
La medida exacta.
4vium: La medida exacta.
a brick wall with a white and black sign on it's side that reads 100
Cien hombres justos. Viernes centenario.
4vium: Cien hombres justos. Viernes centenario.