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Dear Doctor,

Every little girl dreams of flying through time and space with the doctor and the tardis. This is so sweet


He fights Daleks, Cybermen & Weeping Angels. Biggest fear is carpets. How does that work? <--- it's the Doctor, that's how :)

Can someone tell me where to find a Time Lord??

Doctor Who: TARDIS - I wanted to see the universe so I stole a time lord and ran away. Who stole who?

If this is real, then I need it. If it's not real, they need to make it so I can buy it. But I think that color should be cybermen instead of silence.

DEFINITELY gonna buy this! Time to scour the internet for the perfect Whovian nail polish. Not gonna lie, though, I mostly just want a TARDIS blue nail polish.

Daughter and mother...

Doctor Who. The older woman (left) is River Song and she is, besides the Doctor, the only other Time Lord. The younger one, Amy Pond (right), is River's mother. River's birth name was Melody Pond before she was stolen as a baby.

Good point.  hmm..pretty sure he really is attractive and being the doctor just makes him more so ;)

Even though, since he was my first Doctor, the second option wasn't available. So I personally think he's pretty cute.>>>Ten was my first Doctor and personally he is the hotter one. (Matt Smith is still really cute though)

just being honest

and watch Doctor Who AFTER I eat.while I eat, after I shower.Pretty much I'm just going to watch Doctor Who all day. So don't call me.

Stormageddon is my favourite!

Stormageddon the dark lord of all

he prefers to be called Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All. That's what he calls himself." "How do you know that?" "I speak baby.