Matěj Živnůstka

Matěj Živnůstka

A co si ted povidat o tobe?
Matěj Živnůstka
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Panzerkampfwagen V. A, D, F, G German med. Tank WW-two "Párduc" köz. - 'Jagdpanther' - "Tas" X-köz.

An actual colour photo demonstrating all these vehicles in Dunkelgrau during 1941. A tactical mark on the Pz Kpfw III in the foreground, next to the building seems to indicate these were from the 7th Panzer Division, but I have no supporting documentation. Also notice how the kubelwagen (probably used for scouting) is done in a different colour scheme.

German Camouflage and Tactical Markings – Part I (by AgaresTretiak)

Japanese submarine hit by the Gudgeon (SS-211), first war kill by an American submarine in WW-2.

Devilfish being sunk as a target by Wahoo with a MK 16 Mod 8 torpedo off San Francisco, CA., 14 August I keep seeing this described as a Japanese submarine being torpedoed during WWII, so I thought I'd try to set the record straight.