Wagner Matos Barbosa

Wagner Matos Barbosa

Wagner Matos Barbosa
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ipacoxt: “ coffeeandspentbrass: “ supersonic-youth: “ PAK-FA New desert livery for and looks great, isn’t it? ” This is one of the most beautiful jets in existence.

Ornate 1911 pistols

steampunktendencies: “ “The White & Black Knights” 1911 Autos by Mike Dubber Engraving Studio ”

Sorvagsvatn || lake over the ocean

Sorvagsvatn - lake over the ocean. Lake Sorvagsvatn - The Two Level Lake on Vagar Island. Located on the island of Vagar, in the Faroe Islands, Lake Sorvagsvatn (also known as Leitisvatn) is an amazing lake.


Chrome Colt 1911 with Black DuraCoat – Note: This pistol belongs to a customer.


wonder if it will hold a sword & rifle? The holster can definitely hold swords, but the holster looks as if it could hold assault rifles and shotguns, if the barrel is long enough.