Holy crap.  Song Reader lettering: Jessica Hische and Hambeck

Song Reader lettering: Jessica Hische and Hambeck paper cut and paper quilling with an awesome process video

Buff monster

The design idea looks like a melting ice cream or a falling icing on a cupcake. - Letters by BUFF MONSTER NY


Black matchbox with clean typography. Great use of texture to give dimension to type. I can imagine this working well for a restaurant logo or magazine headline typography.

Designer: vpro gids This flyer is incredibly confusing and doesn't really do anything that well. The colors are kind of bland and don't do well with contrast at all. The text is also awfully confusing.

Neat-o.  3-D type by Ben Johnston

This is a printed type piece for an editorial in the Aston Martin magazine.The piece was designed to be regal and also highly complex to show the capabilities and advances in printing. The article is about how printing has revolusionized car des…

Illustration/typography by David Smith for London Soaps

Another really great “vintage” work from David Smith. This time for a London Soaps company.