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Vintage69_Motorcycles did not realise just 1 great looking R1100, but 2 at a time! They call this one a scrambler, but apa...

did not realise just 1 great looking but 2 at a time! They call this one a scrambler, but apa.

It seems that BMW's R nineT has become the modern equivalent of Yamaha's SR500 in its never-ending ability to look good customised. Whether it be a cafe racer, enduro, bobber, or some other beautiful creation, the boxer from Bavaria seems to have a genetic resistance to looking bad. It's also become a rite of passage for shops looking to hit the big time; if you can take on a 9T and make a...

BMW R nineT Tracker from Argentina’s Vida Bandida

Visual words.

I like simple logos. I think that these are examples of good logos that just used simple type treatments to achieve a great result. These are very unique and innovative ideas.

grafica tesi di laurea - Cerca con Google

*i love how the text fills in the white space that also defines the number. the text floating in white space espeically around the 5 and 6 is annoying- maybe use a drop shadow to define it instead?

No Tomorrow

The "o"'s in the text "no tomorrow" we see as a setting sun because of the gestalt principle closure. Even though the "o"'s are solid and are cut off, there is a pattern we recognize (the process of the sunset) which we assume is happening.