basement garage, second floor entry facing view, and third floor bedrooms.

How about these garage doors for the Bellevue house? My dream the brown wood siding, wood garage doors, dark roof, would have had stone entrance but this is gorgeous!

Modular Home Designs With Modern Flair

8 Modular Home Designs With Modern Flair

The Q house, located in northern Spain, was designed by asensio_mah & J. Its black cladding contrasts beautifully with the lightness of the exterior pool and tile. Source: House and Home Design Trend

German Castle

Cliff Castle Ruins, Germany

Kilchurn Castle, Scotland or It's been also said this is Cliff Castle Ruins, Germany

Water slide through Shark Tank in Vegas melblaha

Water Slide Through Shark Aquarium - Golden Nugget, Las Vegas. Felt a bit sorry for the sharks in this tank, I have to say. One of them had a mark on its face from rubbing on the side of the tank

Lottie Davies | conundrum

Ex Caelo Lux: Twenty-One Chinese Lanterns - Lottie Davies - Artist and Photographer

Paper lantern tribute

Photos of Chinese lanterns from Chinese Wish Lanterns. Have a gaze at the amazing visual effect that chinese lanterns can offer.

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