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God bless America taylor laughtner maybe the hottest mann alivve but channing tatum is definetly the sssssseeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ESSSTT MAaannn aaalllllllliiiivvvvveeeee !

Holy crap

Comedy Hotties of ’09: The Men

loss for words

Today's Hot-Hot Hottie is the Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds. He was named "Sexiest Man Alive" in 2010 by People magazine. Reynolds is the protagonist of the new DC Comics movie Green Lantern.

True Blood. <3

Alexander Skarsgard as the Viking vampire Eric Northman on the HBO series True Blood

 Emmit. Holy crap.

Kellan Lutz, Holy cow those pants are low :) This is why i am Team Emmett if i watch twilight.


Darren Criss… straight guy who plays a gay guy on TV, has the voice of an angel, starred as Harry Potter in a musical, and takes pictures LIKE THIS in his spare time. Marry me please.

Liam Hemsworth.

Charlie Hunnam is Christian Grey. LOVE him as Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy. He is going to rock as Christian Grey! Glad they chose a beautiful bad boy ;

in love

It's taken me a while to warm up to Josh Bowman as Daniel Grayson and, now that I have, I think the romance will start fizzling.

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