Great patio idea...colorful fabric canopies. Norma's Restaurant at Le Parker Méridien, Palm Springs, CA.

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This is just a beautiful reason why pergolas are so much fun....dining outdoors with simple lighting.....

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

How magical is this? I love it! And it reminds me of the cover of Last One Home!

30+ Cool String Lights DIY Ideas - Hative

amazing lighting

Não encontramos: Fornecedores Fornecedores Bothanica-paulista

The most fashionable places to dine in New York:

Fashionable Eats: Restaurant Guide to NYFW

Street Side Patio - Summer is on its way! @ ColdTech Commerical

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Room in a box. We've seen these container type homes before, but nothing quite like this, with everything bolted in place and ready to fold down the walls and create instant furnished and covered work or relaxation space. This might even serve as your work space .... it apparently has electricity for that computer screen and lights. INNOVATION

VECTRO AVE | Art & Design Blog

Container restaurant Denmark. The beauty and portability of a true pop-up restaurant! PopUp Republic

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a) this is beautiful b) look how nice the dark wood/warm wood/gray look together <33 c)I know we decided on concrete but y'all I love this flooring.

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Coffee Shop

Tapped & Packed (TAP Coffee) No. 193

Los 25 diseños de empaque más geniales del 2013

David's Restaurant - Melbourne, VIC

biicok: caprice

Little Nap Coffee Stand - Pesquisa Google

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Disruptive by Design: The Impact of Innovation Districts

Disruptive by Design: The Impact of Innovation Districts

modern Melbourne,mid century,architecture

Modernism in Melbourne by Kennedy Nolan | Plastolux

Interiors – Ammo Restaurant | Hong Kong |

AMMO / Joyce Wang

What sort of weird hippocampus trigger makes me instantly stop at any place that has a bunch of weeds growing over the architecture? Chez Marianne Restaurant, le Marais, Paris

Chez Marianne Restaurant, le Marais, Paris

Sir John Deanes College Trespa Rocks

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Sir John Deanes College Trespa Rocks


Dream Downtown Hotel canopy The Best Search Links on the Net

We have certainly seen (used) alot of these screens lately but I especially like this one with the the strong "punchcard" sub-pattern. I keep squinting to see the image of elvis but can't quite get it.

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Good DC version of a new/old industrial black iron building. Thanks to Morris Adjmi for bring his thoughts up from the Big Easy. DCmud - The Urban Real Estate Digest of Washington DC

The Urban Real Estate Digest of Washington DC

Not so simple, not so subtle but also very effective. _MG_2372 copie, via Flickr.

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Not sure if I could explain this one to an engineer. DSC02581 by aingerutxo64, via Flickr

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