Cutest thing ever!

Piggie: We're on a mission here. Piggie: First we'll take a mud bath for camouflage then we'll invade the cornfield for our feast! Piggie: Then Big Bad Wolf, you're next!

The odd couple.

Cute animal pictures: 100 of the cutest animals! - Cute animal pictures: 100 of the cutest animals!

It’s okay piggy… SO MUCH CUTENESS! I want a tea cup pig so bad!!!

It’s okay piggy…

Funny pictures about It's okay piggy. Oh, and cool pics about It's okay piggy. Also, It's okay piggy.

sooo cute!

The reality of never being able to own a pet pig anytime soon kills me so much. Pigs are gods greatest creation. Having a piggy will make me/life complete. Ugh the struggles of not being able to have a pig.


Pig out on these crazy facts about porky farmyard animal. - Did you know pigs are extremely clean? They're the only farm animal to their clean sleeping area.

Saw a bigger version of this piglet at a Coffs markets last weekend and fell in love.the pig sat when asked just like a dog.I want one!


Cows and pigs are so kind and have such sweet souls. Please consider vegan. If you do, you'll save 100 cows per year.


∞ Not "ham", not "pork" but a beautiful baby who wants to live and be happy just like your pets! Dog/cat owners I am talking to you

15 Pictures Of Teacup Pigs With Actual Teacups

Just as a rule, there is no such thing as mini or micro mini teacup pigs. They are usually under-fed or malnourished farm pigs or vietnamese potbellied pigs. Don't be fooled, do your homework before you purchase or adopt a pig!

Pig in a bath!oh my god literally dying from the cuteness