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The Yeren. Some cryptozoologists have drawn a link between the Yeren and the extinct hominid Gigantopithecus, which formerly inhabited the general region.


Prop from Italian Monster Movie Visitors to a film set in Rome look over the title character from the movie Yeti, Giant of the Century.

An anonymous woman mailed these photographs to Sarasota Sheriff’s Department in Florida. Accompanying the photos was a letter saying that this strange ape-like creature had been in her backyard on several occasions stealing apples out of a basket on her porch. She was convinced that the animal was an escaped orangutan, but others believe that this is photographic evidence of a Bigfoot like creature that is native to the Florida wilderness known as the skunk ape.

The Myakka Skunk Ape photos, allegedly taken in Florida, got a lot of attention in Is it proof that Bigfoot is real?