Take a photo with the same cool accessory every year. Why have I not seen this more often?

Photograph newborn with object she/he can be photographed with later on. I got to do this with a new born baby and a princess crown. She will wear that crown at her quincenera.

LOVE this- layer your child's art over their photo- easy to follow tutorial

Layer your child's art over their photo! I love the idea of painting rainbows in the sky. I will probably never photoshop, but i love the idea :)

Group photo posing cheat sheet

Yearbook group photo posing cheat sheet Or for weddings, parties, family portraits, etc.

Family Photo: I can't stop laughing- dog's feet...

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purple mountain majesty

orchid color purple mountains majesty I would love my dream home to be located in the heart of this beauty


Funny pictures about Egg art. Oh, and cool pics about Egg art. Also, Egg art photos.