Hemsworth redux. Too much is never enough.

Brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth. Chris is Thor and Liam is going to be Gale in the Hunger Games. Hottest brothers ever.

James Dean

james dean motorcycle photo with his 1955 Triumph Trophy, classic "bad boy"

Patrick Dempsey <3

Patrick Dempsey Born on: Jan 1966 Sexy because: hes just so darn nice! I know we usually fall for them bad boys but secretly we all want to end up with a McDreamy of our own. Cmon you know its true!

Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley, bigger image for CatLucker (: Here you are! Paul Wesley in Vanity bigger

Adam Levine. The perfect man.

Adam Levine Nude: Maroon 5 Singer Gets Naked To Raise Awareness For Prostate & Testicular Cancer In Cosmo UK

Jang Geun Suk. South Korean. He's new on my list but I think he's cute and sweet!

Jang Keun Suk ♥ Asia's Prince ♥ You're Beautiful ♥ Marry Me Mary ♥ Beethoven Virus

Perfection, even thought he looks like a girl. Kim Hyun Joong.

PHOTOS: Happy Birthday Kim Hyun Joong!

SS501 <3

SS501 <3