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Hello there I decided to create Naruto scenarios now. Please check ou… Fanfiction

fodasticidade é passada de geração para geração!

Three generations of SANNIN: Orochimaru-Jiraiya-Tsunade, Sasuke-Naruto-Sakura, & Mitsuki-Boruto-Sarada


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•Quantum Ranger by diabolicol

Here is my next piece of the "Power Rangers" series I'm doing for "Acme Archives Ltd.The awesome White Ranger!I had a blast painting this guy, 

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Kakashi is so boss it's hard to handle

Perfected LSS Kale by Alienlina

Perfected LSS Kale by Alienlina

★ 雪漣月 | ミツキ ☆ ⊳ mitsuki (boruto) ✔ republished w/permission

Mistuki, boruto, naruto the next generation!