're on Candid Camera!!!!

Candid Camera TV Show with Allen Funt - When it's least expected - you're elected. You're the star today Smile! You're on Candid Camera! It's your lucky day Smile"!

Concentration...I LOVED this show!

Concentration - game show Watched this at Grandma's house. She had the game, too! Loved beating my brother.

$10,000 Pyramid - loved this show

Another favorite game show of mine was Pyramid! It is a television game show…

Paul Lynde to block!! Loved this show in the 70's. Hollywood squares

The Hollywood Squares game show intro (1966

Hollywood Squares with Paul Lynde center square. Pau Lynde wanted the center square cause he was told that it would be the safest spot in case of an earthquake.

The Dating Game host Jim Lange passes away 2/25/14.

The Dating Game, hosted by Jim Lange, first aired on ABC on December I wanted to be on this show and win a date with Davy Jones of The Monkees. Davy Jones was never on the show but many other stars or stars to be were on the show.

remember when...

The Newlywed Game -Bob Eubanks - host - Before "reality shows," I think was Bob was the first host of the "Newlywed Game" which provided family entertainment for many in the with various hosts. Dumb answers to dumb questions, but it had it's moments.

The Price is Right

Bob Barker & Barker's beauties Diane, Holly, & Janice, "The Price Is Right".

Matchgame!  Loved this game!

The Match Game - Tom Poston, ?, Charles Nelson Reilly, Mary Ann Mobley, Richard Dawson and Betty White

Password with Allen Ludden (Betty White's husband. That looks like Carol Burnett and Burt Reynolds)

Password, with Allen Ludden (husband of Betty White!) - I loved this show and seeing all of the stars of the day playing it!

Bud Collyer - Beat the Clock He always seemed crabby with kids of contestants.

Bud Collyer hosted an early game show, "Beat the Clock", from 1950 to The Sylvania company was a long time sponsor. Bud also hosted "To Tell The Truth" and was the original superman on radio!:) I got a Beat the Clock Game when I had my tonsils out.

Match Game '75 - with Gene Rayburn -- Love that grooooovy microphone

Match Game - with Gene Rayburn --that grooooovy microphone--My parents loved this show!

classy:  loved how the panel dressed up

Early TV game show "What's My Line" Pictured are panelists Dorothy Kilgallen, Steve Allen, Arlene Francis, and Bennett Cerf. Host was John Daly. Blindfolds were worn by the panelists during "mystery guest" segment.