Dog-Scaped Yards

Dog-Scaped Yards

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scooter? is that you?

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backyard dog playground

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How to create a dog-friendly garden | Dog-friendly gardens: Dining area |

Backyard Ideas for Dogs

The Family Handyman DIY Tip of the Day: Keep Dog Pee From Ruining Your Yard. Dog urine discolors and kills grass, but there are a couple of ways to keep the grass green: Apply lime or gypsum regularly to neutralize the acid in the soil; and water the area heavily to dilute the urine. If all else fails, replace part of the lawn with landscape fabric covered with pea gravel, then add a few dog-friendly decorations!

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  • Yadira Greeson
    Yadira Greeson

    Maureen, I have a rock garden and my dogs pee tends to make the smell really strong because the urine doesn't have a place to sunk. I currently this in Tucson, any suggestions on creating an area for dogs to go that makes clean up easy?

  • Ellen Velasquez
    Ellen Velasquez

    and it need to be grass free due to the drought

Potty Rock -Prevent unsightly burn spots on your lovely green lawn. Cast cement tile is infused with a scent that dogs of all ages and both genders find irresistible. Place it in an area you want your dog to use, do a little training (including praise), and that's where your dog will go. Scent won't wash away in rain or deteriorate in sunshine. Nontoxic and reusable. 7" x 4 ½".

Yard & Garden at Catalog Classics
  • mary colvin
    mary colvin

    great ideas ,

Perfect Idea add french drain and potty post and tree low growing ground cover that is soft but tough

No more Grass & dog friendly

Great idea from Homestead Survival. Freeze water & chicken stock with toys, carrots,treats,etc to keep dogs from getting bored and overheated in the back yard.

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    Great Idea doing this asap

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    Could you see I was looking at this? Mom

Doggie Dooley Dog Poop Composter helps keep your yard clean.

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  • Julie Conley
    Julie Conley

    How does this work to help keep your yard clean?

  • Jack Donnelly
    Jack Donnelly

    the dog has to poo in the bin i think @Julie Conley :/

  • Bobbi Jean
    Bobbi Jean

    lol Poop in the bin? You add bacteria that breaks down the poop and it drains into the ground.

Cool play yard set up for dogs

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    this is awesome. thanks for the inspiration!

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    Fancy that... two Nanette's looking at the same ideas!

Tips For Gardening With Dogs :: Use a low picket fence

20 Tips For Gardening With Dogs
  • Karen Garibay
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    Love the fence colors!!

$78.85-$124.99 Dogit Soft-Sided Nylon Dog Play Pen - The Dogit Nylon Play Pen is a great portable playing space for your dog for both indoor and outdoor use. The playpen is light-weight and has complete ventilation for your dog to get the fresh air that it needs. The Dogit Nylon Home is perfect for road trips and traveling as the home folds up flat and comes equipped with a zip-up storage case. T ...

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Backyard with pets in mind: Great problem solving idea to use sloped hillside cut to create dog washing shower area of deck patio for pet washing in family outdoor space with patio.

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Dogs need hip outdoor spaces too!

Two Women and a Hoe™ - The Fine Art of Soul to Soil

Creating a lush outdoor space that is also dog-friendly!

How to Create a Lush, Dog-Friendly Space in Your Garden
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    haha! yes it is!

Dog supplies stored in garage

IHeart Organizing: May Featured Space: Outdoors - Project Pets

Doggie Dwelling : Leftover building material also provided a new space for the family dog. A removable roof makes it easy to clean. :: i love awesome dog houses. :3

Colorful Backyard Makeover

modern laundry room Dog Bath

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    Love this!

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    Omg love this ❤️

Pet Flea Control - Summer Dog Tips from

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Dog Yard Design

Dog Yard Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor

Dog-Friendly Back Yard

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    Thanks for pinning our back yard!

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    Very nice!

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    Gives me some great ideas.

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tips for dog friendly yard

Doggy deck with built in pool!

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    I really need this!

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    This would be easy to do in our yard!

Fences divide small yard into "rooms". Curved gates allow small pets too pass through.

Big functionality for small yards

dog yard idea

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grass patch K9 yard patch dog urine Citizen Review Ike's Gotta Have It

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