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Obsolescência planejada

Produtos sem os quais você não vive sem os quais produtos sem...

Obsolescência planejada

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This April 16th and 17th marks the 35th anniversary of the 1977 West Coast Computer Faire in San Francisco, better known as the event where Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs first demonstrated the legendary Apple II. The hugely successful personal computer set a trend at the company for iconic design and provided a platform for development every bit as rich for the time as Mac OS and, later, iOS.

Desk Phone Dock: Charges and syncs your iPhone and functions as a speakerphone. Brand new yet so old school.

Dieter Rams. PS 2 Stereo Turntable. 1963

ZX-81 The First (1981-1983)

Si te gusta la percusión digital, aquí tienes el octopad más completo : www.audiotronics....

ZX Spectrum+ (1981-1983)

Sony JMD J6 - Awesome phone, great scroll wheel and real music ringtones. (It could record sounds and set them as tones... no MP3 here.)

Bluetooth sunglasses

ZX Spectrum (1981-1983)

  • Bruno Accioly
    Bruno Accioly

    Foi sonho de consumo já.

  • Mauro Amaral
    Mauro Amaral

    O TK90x era a forma mais fácil de faturar um 10 na Feira de Ciências. Era só levar, montar um basic rápido com cores do arco-íris, esperar o professor passar e depois ligar os joguinhos.

Siemens Xelibri 4 - This phone was so unique, I'm the only person I know who's ever had this. I loved the shape, the clear tones, and the blue backlight.

Do you Ear me? www.mobilepopprin...


Vari Assemblati, 1994-2001

Asus EePC T101MT, 2010


"Nostalgia" or "An odd to Michael Douglas" www.mobilepopprin...

HMZ-T1 Head Mounted Display

NEX-5N Interchangeable lens digital camer

DEV-3 Digital Recording Binoculars

1988-1989 Unitron



  • Tim Maynard
    Tim Maynard


I've always wanted to be a DJ... with this new gadget, I might give it a real try!

It burns sticks & twigs to power your stove, usb port, or light? WHAT?