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Change – my 2013 word for the year

Real men don't CHOOSE who they are nice to. They are nice to EVERYONE. Real men don't break vows or cheat or act cruel.

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Maybe someone i know should have looked for ways to love his wife instead of looking at younger girls!!! So if we look at this saying you are a wimp not a real man!!!! Real men don't walk out and leave thier children either... But one thing is for sure... you cheated on your wife, you will do it again!!!!! You are only married one time!!! You vowed before God and that is the only marriage God sees!!!!

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If you stay, stay forever. If you go, do it today. If you change, change for the better and if you talk, mean what you say.

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Think before you speak...think twice before you act! Remember in life every action has a reaction!

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It's just almost impossible to see at the time.

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Even the nicest people have their limits. Don't try to reach that point because the nicest people are also the scariest assholes when theyve had enough.

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Everyone has their boiling points.°°

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Chester Bennington

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Well Said.... why haven't I thought about this before? So what they say really doesn't matter then huh? You mean to tell me that I could have just "terminated" them A LONG time ago???

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"Don't curse at me, I'm your sister!" Marci props her chin up in her hands, her elbows resting on her knees. "But you're saying I should give Seth a chance?" "Hey, if I gave you another chance at being my sister when you once almost poisoned me, I think you can give Seth another chance too." "You know that was an accident," says Marci. "See? There's two sides to every story. How could you forget about Seth's?" Dustin smiles.

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So did your opinion pay my medical bills. My ambulance bills. My monthly therapy bills. Just because I don't discuss with you doesn't mean I don't go. FYI. I was released. I am fine. And I refuse to need to go back bc of the likes of you. You are think your opinion or point of view is soooooooo superior when you know nothing. You could never help "fix anyone". You are to judgmental to have a clear perspective. Why don't you go obsess over mental health. Leave me alone.

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The worst feeling isn't being lonely, it's being forgotten by someone you'd never forget.

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Lonely is not being alone, it's the feeling that no one cares.

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What happened to the person who used to speak her mind? Help me understand!

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This !! Your kids ends up busted and in jail before his 21st bitch you a bad mother. All on you.

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yep, scares everyone away. The day I find someone who can swim it is the day I know I have found my soulmate.

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Someone is out there praying for me and I know if you don't hop on the train they will and you'll hate yourself. Grow up. And grow up quick because it's only a matter of time before you lose me and neither of us want that. We're too good together. Our summer was too real to cut the rope . Faith will keep it together. Anyone and anything can be fixed in time to make people not hate who we are

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It is profoundly true that anyone can make anything happen when it's important enough. #quotations #inspiration

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There is truth in this, however, life’s purpose isn’t about avoiding disappointment. In most things the most growth comes from mistakes, failures, and pain. Don’t be afraid to intelligently, deliberately experience new things, that is what life is for. “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” “If you’re not failing you’re not trying.”

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