Health Benefits of #Kale - Good Girl Gone Green

A delectable green nutritional powerhouse, kale is one of many superfoods providing a wealth of health benefits. Here is what kale can do for you.

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Correcting the Cause: The Why Behind Spinal Corrective Care | Maximized Living #chiropractic #naturalhealth #healthcare #spine

In spinal fusion surgery, an orthopedic surgeon removes the discs between two or more vertebrae and then fuses the bones together with screws.

How Vitamin D3 helps you fight disease and build immunity.

We all know of the importance of calcium where healthy bones are concerned, but most people don’t realize that vitamin D is also vital for healthy teeth and bones.

Protect your Telomeres to avoid heart disease and Alzheimer's!

Everything you eat and drink has a direct impact on the pH balance of your body. Processed foods, sugar, meats, breads & alcohol are acidic. Vegetables and other anti-inflammatory foods are alkaline helping balance your body and prevent disease.