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Authentic Persian Qajar Oil Painting - Nude Woman on Horse Playing Polo C Iranian Art, Horse Art, Ancient Art, Islamic Art, Female Art, Art Pictures, Les Oeuvres, Art History, Folk Art

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“عید است و آخر گل و یاران در انتظار ساقی بروی #شاه ببین ماه و می بیار دل برگرفته بودم از ایام گل ولی کاری بکرد همّت پاکان روزه دار دل در جهان مبند و بمستی سئوال کن از فیض جام و قصه #جمشید کامکار خوش دولتیست خرم و خوش خسروی کریم یارب ز چشم زخم زمانش نگاه دار #جاویدشاه”

Take inspiration from ancient art styles by filling out bare walls with the bright illustration of this wrapped canvas piece. Allow extra time for your special find to ship. Indian Wedding Invitation Cards, Indian Horses, Horse Illustration, Motifs Animal, Iranian Art, Poster Prints, Art Prints, Traditional Paintings, Equine Art

Design Specific Custom Indian Wedding Invitation Card

CUSTOMIZATION FAQ I have a specific design in mind. Can you create a custom wedding invitation card for me? We’d be more than happy to create the perfect card for you. A photo, motif, pattern, wordings, personalized wedding logo or custom colours can be incorporated. Contact us and we’ll work with you to develop a…

"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere." — Vincent van Gogh (Artwork by Tomás Sánchez) Fantasy Landscape, Landscape Art, Fantasy Art, Nature Artwork, Fantasy Places, Tree Art, Scenery, Illustration Art, Instagram

Tomás Sánchez is best known as a painter of landscapes. These scenes are the sweetest praise of nature and meditation.

Fisherman in a Red Shirt - Niko Pirosmani, 1908 State Art Museum of Georgia Kandinsky, Georgie, Art Database, Naive Art, Russian Art, Red Shirt, State Art, Black Art, Art Museum

Million Scarlet Roses from Niko Pirosmani - Beauty will save

Beauty will save, Viola, beautiful women, Beauty in everything, tribal women, yekaterina putin, lukyanova, vanitas symbols, melania trump ring, romy schneider

Persian Miniature Art by Independent Artists, Paintings, Oil Author: N. Middle Eastern Clothing, Middle Eastern Art, Art Asiatique, Iranian Art, Art Costume, Islamic Art, Art History, Illustration Art, Art Illustrations

Persian Miniature

Work original Persian miniature. Persian Miniature N. Chamlou. Art by Independent Artists. Chamlou Design

Niko Pirosmani Ortachali Beauty, Oil on canvas, 52 x 117 cm. State Art Museum of Georgia. Kandinsky, Art Visionnaire, Art Et Illustration, Greek Art, Art Archive, Naive Art, Visionary Art, Outsider Art, State Art

Dark Silence In Suburbia

thesavagesgallery: “ Niko Pirosmani (1862-1918) Ortachali Beauty, 1905. Oil on canvas, 52 x 117 cm. State Art Museum of Georgia. ”

A Feast Of Kupreishvili Family Wood Print by Pirosmani Niko. All wood prints are professionally printed, packaged, and shipped within 3 - 4 business days and delivered ready-to-hang on your wall. Grandma Moses, Georgie, Wine Painting, Henri Rousseau, Art Archive, Art Database, Naive Art, Wood Print, Figurative Art

Niko Pirosmani - 220 artworks - painting

Niko Pirosmani lived in the XIX – XX cent., a remarkable figure of Georgian Naïve Art (Primitivism) and Avant-garde. Find more works of this artist at – best visual art database.

Black buffalo on a white background (part of diptych) - Niko Pirosmani Bull Cow, Folk Dance, Art Database, Naive Art, Animal Paintings, Livestock, Moose Art, Illustration, Buffalo

Нико Пиросмани (Пиросманашвили) - Черная буйволица на белом фоне. Часть диптиха: Описание произведения

Нико Пиросмани (Пиросманашвили) - Черная буйволица на белом фоне. Часть диптиха - одно из многих произведений художника. Подробную информацию и описание работы читайте в Артхиве.

White cow on a black background - Niko Pirosmani, Wikipaintings Black Background Painting, Grandma Moses, Bull Cow, White Cow, Cow Art, Oil Painting Reproductions, Naive Art, Russian Art, State Art

Niko Pirosmani

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The Life of Rumi in Rare Islamic Manuscript Paintings from the – Brain Pickings Oriental, Iranian Art, Morgan Library, Adam And Eve, Renaissance Art, Sufi, Miniture Things, Illuminated Manuscript, Religious Art

The Life of Rumi in Rare Islamic Manuscript Paintings from the 1590s

Adventures in the hot baths, how to curb a giant’s appetite, and why the attention of dogs is to be praised.

Title:女優マルガリータ The Actress Margarita Актриса Маргарита აქტრისა მარგარიტა Artist:ニコ・ピロスマニ Niko Pirosmani Нико Пиросмани ნიკო ფიროსმანი Outsider Art, Georgie, Art Populaire, Art Brut, Art Database, Oil Painting Reproductions, Naive Art, Visionary Art, Henri Matisse

Niko Pirosmani

Niko Pirosmani (Pirosmanashvili) was georgian primitivist painter.He was born in 1862 in Kakheti (east past of Georgia). His parents - Asla...

Japanese women bathing - While the Japanese people of the Century bathed frequently, most did not have baths in their own homes and used public baths. Japanese Bath House, Costumes Japan, Japanese Prints, Japanese Culture, Erotic Art, Traditional Art, Vintage Images, Bathing, Vintage World Maps

Japanese Sento c 710-184 The Japanese Bath provides a good comparison to the Roman/ Ottoman Bath. Unlike the Roman and Ottoman Baths, the Japanese bath consisted of one large room. In the room was one large and deep bath with several faucets. Here, multiple people who are previously washed enjoy a cleansing hot soak. There is no sense of procession or sequence in these baths, but the general idea of a communal bathing area facilitating personal conversations is still present. The…