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a close up of a sheet of paper on a table with the words study printed on it
Joshua Chen Lives in SF: Craftsman and Wolves! - Against The Grain
Creative (un)Blocks poster for Neenah Papers #HOWlive 2013 Design Conference // design and illustration by CDA //
four different types of posters with the words learn the rules and master a new skill
The Typofiles #125: Crazy for Neenah Paper Books!
ENVIRONMENT Papers in Creative (un)Blocks promotion
a poster on the side of a building advertising an event with two people sitting at a table
Chen Design Associates | Branding & Strategic Design Firm
three men in suits standing next to each other on the cover of a book called masonry for the next decade
California Freemason | Communication Arts
CDA’s creative approach blends creative intrigue into its sophisticated work.
a book cover for physically based rendering from theory to information
Physically Based Rendering: From Theory to Implementation (eBook)
a book cover with the words how on it
Vandelay Design: Web Design Blog
Publication Design - Problem 1
an abstract poster with the words make believe in white and green letters on brown paper
Creative (un)Blocks Poster on ENVIRONMENT Papers by Chen Design Associates (San Francisco). Winning International Design Awards project.
an old photo with red and black collages shows people in front of a large house
Label detail for El Ladrón packaging
a brown dog sitting on top of a cloud
Beware of flatulent dog
the freemason's guide to the world
CA Freemason magazine cover art
an image of a space station with the earth in the distance and stars around it
CA Freemason magazine illustration for CDA
an abstract background with various shapes and colors, including arrows in the shape of numbers
Illustration for CDA
four different types of logos with the letters f and d in each letter, including one for
HDC monogram logo concepts