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"When people tell me 'You're gonna regret that in the morning', I sleep in until noon - because I'm a problem solver." #wisdom #quote

When people tell me "you're gonna regret that in the morning" I sleep in until noon, because I'm a problem solver. Not that I ever could sleep till noon

Dude, it's still totally dark out. You're not going anywhere.

not morning yet. still dark out. We stay right here. - the thing that disgusts me about cats is that they walk around in a box full of their own urine and feces. then jump out of that box straight on your face.

Red Neck Horseshoes

Toilet seat toss- For Redneck party WOULD be a fun idea for a party."A Redneck Party"-- that does sound like fun. bonus for whoever does it Redneck wine : stomp grapes in a large container, add beer :)


My work password requirements. But make it multiple different usernames & passwords for each different system & clinic. All with different requirements & different time frames for new passwords. It's so frustrating!