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Art Sheet (Made by Miss Allen)

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Art School for Kids Art Videos of the Masters

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How exactly do you do get started with acrylic painting? Begin with tried-and-true techniques — this guide of beginner acrylic skills will get your painting journey started in the right direction.

13 Must- Know Acrylic Painting Techniques for Beginners


Wire and Panty Hose Sculptures! | Dalis Moustache

Dali's Moustache: Wire and Panty Hose Sculptures!


LOVE! Self portrait hand prints - dewestudio lesson Have the students write about their year. What did they think __grade was going to be like, what was it really like? How have they grown? What new things about themselves did they learn? Fill the hands with patterns and the background with their writing.

Mrs. Laffin's Laughings: A Peek at My Week {6-08-14}


Wassily Kandinsky circles

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How to make paper beads! Finally! Something to do with all those paper scraps and old magazines! #DIY

How to Make Paper Beads


abstracted still life painting by Carolee Clark

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Portrait lesson: kids paint facial features on notecards, arrange them on paper, then paint face around them.

Facial Features


Art Projects for Kids: New Pop Art Landscape Tutorial... Maybe have it drawn out and then let students draw/color to work on line, color, pattern, shape, ect

Art Projects for Kids: New Pop Art Landscape Tutorial


Struggling with teaching one-point perspective? This drawing lesson is super easy and offers lots of opportunity for your students to be creative and expressive.

One-Point Perspective Art Lesson


how to draw flowers from artideas.blogspot

Art class ideas


Grade 2 sculpture unit idea - Very Miro - Kandinsky - Calderish ! ... LOVELY.

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Magazine color wheel collage... these turned out so great! I remember the kids having a great time on the color search!

Artwork published by Anonymous1789


Colour theory: from splatsscrapsandgl...

Splats, Scraps and Glue Blobs


Creative Color Wheel...Materials: - tempera paint (red, yellow, blue) - paintbrushes - white drawing paper - pencils - scissors - glue or glue sticks - black mounting paper I like to do a color theory lesson at least once a year with each grade. I think these just turned out absolutely beautiful!

Art. Paper. Scissors. Glue!: Creative Color Wheel


Warm/Cool Watercolour Grid - loving all the lessons here! Great art teacher blog!

a faithful attempt: Warm/Cool Watercolour Grid


warm hand colors, cool background colors. They trace their hands onto circle background and then color. Great illustration for our being the hands and feet of God while teaching about color theory.

Holly's Arts and Crafts Corner: 2010: Art Project 5--Warm vs. Cool Colors


color theory lessons | got the idea for this lesson from a blog called Art Confidence ...

Nessa Dee: Crafty Friday: Color Theory Abstracts


Love this for teaching color mixing! www.teachkidsart.... Color Wheel on Paper Plate

Create Your Own Color Wheel | TeachKidsArt


A Short Movie about Color - Good for students to watch on their own; link from Edmodo (in lieu of boring lecture)

.: 1 Point Perspective Drawing Lesson


» Kandinsky Project Georgetown Elementary Art Blog


Color Wheel for Elementary Students I’ve found that most color wheels are either too complicated (lots of sections and subsections) or too simple (three overlapping balloons) for your average elementary student. My solution is to make my own, and also diagram primary, secondary, warm, cool and complementary colors. You can download a copy for free HERE (new link). Enjoy!

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What a fun idea for color mixing. The kids will love getting their hands all painty. I, however, am scared for the kids to go around putting their hands on everyone and everything.

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