Travis Banton, 1934

This Travis Banton gown was worn by Chinese-American actress Anna May Wong for her role of Tu Tuan in the 1934 film "Limehouse Blues".

Marie Antoinette's bed chamber

rococo architecture which was very common throughout Louis XV's reign. This rococo style emphasized asymmetry and the usage of pale colors. Versailles ~ The Queen Bed Chamber ~ It was from this room that Marie Antoinette fled from rioters on July

Evening dress, Jacques Doucet, circa 1910. Silk satin and chiffon, beads, faux pearls, and rhinestones. “Pouter pigeon” bodice creating “S” shape. Via Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum, Tokyo.

Ca. 1910 Jacques Doucet evening dress of silk satin & chiffon, beads, faux pearls, rhinestones. “Pouter pigeon” bodice creating “S” shape / Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum, Tokyo

Hair Ornament, late 19th century. MET

Hair Ornament, late century, Japan, silver and silver gilt, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Dress (Ball Gown)  Jacques Doucet  (French, Paris 1853–1929 Paris)  Date: 1898–1902 Medium: silk, metal, linen

Dress (Ball Gown) Jacques Doucet (French, Paris Paris) Date: Culture: French Medium: silk, metal, linen Dimensions: Length at CB (a): 19 in. cm) Length at CB (b): 52 in.

Dress, Evening Madame Grès

So delicately elegant. Dress, Evening Madame Grès (Alix Barton) (French, Paris Var region) Date: ca.