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The use of photography and grids is neat and stylish Fashion Magazine - Magazines Print Templates

Twenty Pages Wedding Magazine

Create Your Own Wedding Magazine with Twenty Pages


:: URBAN WEEKENDER :: I'm not even going to bother changing Mitchell Fellow Guigal signature double colons, I'm just going to steal all her pins outright.

ADC Magazine | Erin Jang

I really love the layout of ADC Magazine . It's very bright for sure, reminds me of spring. The grids are tight and the layout is very structured and clean.

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SHIORI SATO fashion book : Book Design & Illustration | GRAPHITICA Inc. - created via

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Great promotion for the Fort Worth Opera. bold bright, not typical opera style but engaging.

Media as art | print (book, magazine, newspaper) + typography + editorial + layout + design |

the balance of photographs and typical magazine structure and unique borders and margins makes this magazine interesting to me.

99% Conference 2010: Branded Materials | Editorial Design

Big and bold, well worked contrasting colour scheme. Probably an overused style but it still works well.