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    DIY gel boards. Good for practicing writing, drawing, and calming

    Holly's Arts and Crafts Corner: DIY: Discovery Bottle (Part 2) and Gel Board

    rhyming dominoes and speedracer game for kids

    Rhyming Dominoes and Speedracer Game - Learning After School - No Time For Flash Cards

    Open and Closed Syllable Games - This Reading Mama (maybe use with sight words)

    Open and Closed Syllable Games


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    more Orton-Gillingham fun

    Think Ready Read - RLAC's Orton-Gillingham based blog

    The weekly wrap up of a specialist dyslexia tutor - including battleship spelling game, continual spelling errors and a good idea for a phonics file folder. topnotchteaching....

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    Roll a long and short vowel word

    Roll a long and short vowel word

    CVCe words roll center where students roll a long vowel silent e word and cover it on their game board

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    $ Great powerpoint lesson for introducing phoneme segmentation of two and three phoneme words. It uses the gradual release method: I DO (Teacher models), WE DO (Teacher and students do together), YOU DO TOGETHER (Students do it with a partner) and YOU DO (Students do it independently). This is the first in a series.....coming soon....three, four and five phoneme powerpoints. Visit us at: www.teacherspayte...

    Phoneme Segmentation #1: Two and Three Phonemes

    Quick and easy Syllable Sort activity

    Multisensory Monday: Quick Syllable Sort

    How to Make a Montessori Alphabet Box by Wildflower Ramblings. This takes literacy learning to a whole new level, encouraging budding readers to associate beginning sounds with letters. SUPER helpful!

    How to make a Montessori Alphabet Box - Wildflower Ramblings

    Lollipops and Dots- Short O Rocks!

    First Grade Wow: Lollipops and Dots- Short O Rocks!

    Make pirate hooks and tape on a list of /ar/ words to the front. ( aluminum foil in a red cup ) Kids LOVED it.

    Traditions, laughter and happily ever after

    Rules for when to use K or C :) I always wondered!! (I'm loving learning about the Orton-Gillingham approach!)

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    Learning Specialist and Teacher Materials - Good Sensory Learning: Learning Center Ideas: Free, Fun Phonics Activities

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    Practice Printing Bags - A great fine motor activity and fun writing practice!...might add this as a choice for my spelling station!

    Practice Printing Bags

    Greek and Latin Roots practice

    Teaching in Room 6: Egg-citing Roots

    What is the Orton-Gillingham Approach? Multi-sensory approach for teaching reading and spelling to children with Dyslexia - For more information, see: blog.allaboutlear...

    All About Learning Press - Google+

    I’ve created this clip-it cards pack to practice dividing words into syllables. *There are 4 choices on each card: vc/cv, vc/cvce, v/cv, and vc/v. *NOTE: This is specifically designed for students who are already familiar with these types of syllable divisions. It is to be used for reinforcement. $

    Syllable Division Clip-It Cards

    I’ve created this clip-it cards pack to practice reading and identifying words with three different types of closed syllables: cvc, ccvc, and cvcc. $

    Closed Syllable Clip-It Cards

    Teaching Syllable Segmentation Foldable

    Teaching With a Mountain View: Teaching Syllable Segmentation

    Teacher trick: Stick a cup inside the foot of a sock and have students reach inside to pull out alphabet letters, coins or any other manipulative they're using. Makes ordinary learning activities so much more fun.

    Letter Sort: Curvy or Straight? - Playdough To Plato

    Montessori Print Shop Printables Free Downloads PDF

    The Best Montessori Printables - Racheous - Lovable Learning

    Minds in Bloom: 37 Ways to Help Students with Dyslexia Flourish in the Mainstream Classroom

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    The Dyslexia Stalker by Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurley

    The Dyslexia Stalker | Dyslexia Training Institute Blog