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Interaction Design In Space

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Go on a series of dates (5 in a day, one a day for a week) with people who you are repulsed by. Try to genuinely fall in love with them by the end of the date.


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Bay Bridge Photo – Travel Wallpaper – National Geographic Photo of the Day

Start at either end of the Golden Gate Bridge at night. One holds a box of tea light candles and one holds a matchbox. When you meet, light the candles in a circle and sit in the center of it. Talk about your hardest journey. When done, stomp of the candles and walk in the direction you prefer.


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1. 2 bikes. Start at either end and race towards each other. 2. Wear an translucent dress and bike up and down the hills of SF


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Find an old trolly/subway car and read a book together from that decade. Alt: listen to an album. Get off when the album is over


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Chalk an adventure. An adventure that you create as we walk it, but also one that other people in your steps could follow. Give them the arrow directions of where to go, things to notice along the way, places to pause, ways to interact.


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One starts at one end of SF and the other starts at the other. Have a bag. Along the way collect gifts for the other. Have a meeting park. Set the gifts in front of you, sitting. Meditate until the other person arrives. Share gifs. Hug.


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Meet someone in a random place. Exchange addresses and send each other a special something.


Too Much for You, 2009 - Angela West - Artists - Jackson Fine Art - Photography - Atlanta