how to draw hair

How to draw hair. I used to like searching through pictures of actresses and actors to find accurate descriptions of characters. now I don't have to if I can at least learn how to draw their hair!

Dorcas' Colored Pencil Tutorial

Colored Pencil Tutorial - this is neat, I think I might have to try it. Goo gone or baby oil instead of a blender pen. I've always wanted to learn this. Always looking for new coloring tips!

Love this clay project! So whimsical and fun!

A fun idea would be to have the kids design a dish for a specific historical figure or a creature from another planet/ movie character.


Ever since I first saw Edgar Degas' ballerinas as a little girl at the Met, . I've remained intoxicated by his delicately dark whimsy.


artist-degas: “ Seated Woman Combing Her Hair by Edgar Degas Medium: pastel”

example of different head angles

"How to Draw the Head From Any Angle" - great resource for students who want more help in figure drawing