Norman Reedus~ hillbilly alpha hero!

"Why would Daryl choose a motorcycle? Wouldn't it attract the walkers?it's efficient on gas.and Daryl don't give a FUCK!" ~ Norman Reedus/Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead

Everyone wants to be Batman, BECAUSE HE IS BATMAN! And he is the greatest!

This funny piece of geek art created by Deviant Art artist Agustinus, features Superman striking a pose while wearing Batman's cape and cowl. I love Batman's hand reaching in from out of frame to snatch it back.

Lauren & Steven

Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun photographed by Mark Williams and Sara Hirakawa. The Walking Dead, Glenn & Maggie


Funny pictures about Evolution of the Batman Logo. Oh, and cool pics about Evolution of the Batman Logo. Also, Evolution of the Batman Logo.