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The 8 logics of fans engagement !

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As a trainer, I take great pride in my creative workout names and themes. Not only do the names make training more fun, but they also set the tone and reveal the expectations. One of my favorite workouts is called The Metaconda. Related: The 21-Day MetaShred—a Cutting-Edge At-Home Program That Strips Away Fat and Reveals Rock-Hard Muscle Why the hell would I call it that?

The METACONDA Exercise: DumbBell Swing Blast-Off PushUp BodyWeight Squat DumbBell Piston Push-Pull Mountain Climber Hollow-Body Hold. Squeeze out every last ounce of extra body fat with this metabolic conditioning routine

The way every man should dress

Andrew Cooper A dress shirt is typically worn by men at formal occasions. It is just a simple shirt with a collar and buttons that can be dressed up with a tie or bow tie." N., n.d.