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apparently this is from the jcrew store facelift Rockefeller Center store. the wall art is pretty damn cool

Easy weekend look

Jake Gyllenhaal (I don't know what it is. His eyes? Hm, there is something)- it's the collared shirt under a sweater with chuck Taylor's!

Window pane sport jacket, vest, shirt & tie with denim jeans... Classic!

Window pane sport jacket, vest, shirt & tie with denim jeans. Right now I hate men but I always love dressing them up!

Dark denim and boots #Style for men

Personally, I think men should pay as much attention to their shoes as women. A good shoe on a man can make a whole outfit. Sidenote: Especially with leather boots, it is nice if they look worn.

Amazing wall of windows

I imageing a greenhouse on the other side of the glasswall. Imagine walking directly from the kitchen into the Greenhouse to collect vegetables for cooking.


Pivot center door of glass. Thought I was novel creating this in an architecture class. Then I saw a wooden, center pivot door with windows from ancient China!