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Great Construction of Pharmacology Antidotes. A few others to add: Praxbind for Pradaxa, Albuterol and/or insulin for Klor-con/K-Dur -> hyperK, lipid emulsion for CCB refractory to Ca to outcompete binding sites/glucagon/insulin for stimulation - idea behind lipid is that it binds CCB due to the lipophilic properties of CCBs, but more concern with NON-DHP CCBs d/t the affinity and selectivity for cardiac receptors vs peripheral receptors.


Pharmacology NCLEX Cram - QD Nurses Lab Values: 137 Values You Must Know to Easily Pass the NCLEX! (2000+ NCLEX Q&A Included) (Nursing Review and RN Content Guide, Registered Nurse Practitioner, Laboratory Medicine Textbooks) eBook: Chase Hassen: Kindle Store


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Cardiac Enzymes Fishbone Cheat Sheet Mnemonic Nursing Student This is a sheet from my acuute book explaining cardiac enzymes.and explaining the normals and abnormal Na K Cr Hypomagnesemia BUN Creatinine Addisons Dehydration Study Sheets for Nurses NCLEX Tips Nursing Notes Cheats cardiac tamponade nursing mnemonic


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IV Fluid Cheat Sheet Nursing KAMP's IV Fluids and Hypertonic Isotonic administration NCLEX Cheat Sheet


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Insulin types long acting study mnemonic. Remember: "LLLong acting" Long Acting insulin, Levemir [detemir], Lantus [glargine]


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