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I am a Hufflepuff, and I am so over the comments of "Oh, you're the leftover! You're in the stoner house! keep pissing me off and you'll see what an angry badger can do.>>> absolute best Hufflepuff comment I've seen. I'm a true Gryffindor

Dammit Sharon《《what about a book about a ghost becoming so annoyed with our lack of knowledge they decide to become a professor??

Because Im bilingual I've picked this up in alot of films too. They don't translate very accurately. <<<and the Latin. The Latin you hear in English TV/movies? It just sounds wrong to me, as a German speaking person, who has studied Latin. So wrong.


I want always proud to be a Hufflepuff but when I read JK Rowlings words about the house, I was extremely honked to be one. be proud to be a Hufflepuff, and don't let anyone tell you that you shouldn't be!

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Stop acting so much like your father, where's the Lily part of you? And you've already found your Sirius, huh? Weasleys, first the twins and now this.

Stop acting so much like your father, where's the Lily part of you? I had the Prewett Twins, then the Marauders, then the Weasley Twins and now this!

Founding Father facts 2/3

Founding Father facts 2/3

I wonder what the ordering process was.

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