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Coptic Orthodox icon of the Holy Prophet Jonah

Detail of the Archangel Michael

St. Nicholas - I was a guest of Vladimir's a number of years ago and he wrote enormous, fabulously detailed icons in a tiny apartment in Vancouver, B.C.

Theotokos - I love this interpretation.

The Icon: Image of the Invisible - This was the first book I ever bought about icons and is still a staple reference.

This icon is from a marvelous web site that has been around for almost 20 years. It just gets better and better.

Theotokos - this one almost appears Coptic.

Coptic Icon - Mother and Child. I love the simplicity and vibrancy of Coptic icons.

John the Baptist - I have not seen this one before. I like it a lot.

The Angel Gariel - I haven't seen this exact one before. I like the open space at right. I shows possibility and movement.

Guardian Angel - I like the robe details and the way the blue underwings are depicted.

Guardian Angel with blue underwings.

Theotokos of Vladimir. This is the icon a writer traditionally starts with.

Reverse of Our Lady of Vladimir.

My favorite icon - Theotokos of Vladimir.

Angel of the Great Council - Mother Anastasia.

Jesus as a youth - Mother Anastasia

I love the simplicity of this icon.

This is my favorite icon and this is a beautiful example. Mary is so aware of what the future holds and the Christ child seems compassionate but resolute.

Board prep on this must have been very difficult. This is such a difficult icon.

This is a lovely St. George and the dragon. Very traditional an precise.

Raphael is a good icon to write as a wedding. This archangel is only in the book of Tobias and is the angel of courtship and marriage.

This is the best Guardian Angel I have seen. I like that it is in the Russian style. It is very similar to the Michael and Gabriel icons I have written. One of my teachers taught us to add sky blue in the underwings - a glimpse of heaven.